Al-Huda School

Al-Huda Islamic School was established in 1992, and is run and managed by the Islamic Center of Tucson, a non-profit organization that promotes cultural awareness and provides support for the local Muslim community. Al-Huda is a K-6 private Islamic school. In addition to the more traditional courses taught at local public schools including Math, Science, English, and Social Studies, Al-Huda offers complete Islamic religious education, including instruction in the Arabic Language, Qur'an and Islamic Studies. Our educational curriculum is based upon Arizona State Department of Education C.O.R.E. Curriculum Standards. We are pleased to offer compliance with these standards without compromising the religious values and educational goals for which we strive.  

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ICT Weekend-Sunday School

The mission of this institution is to Insha’ Allah create an Islamic environment in which we can teach our children the fundamentals of Islam and how to implement these fundamentals in their daily lives based on Allah’s book “Al-Quran”, his Messenger’s authentic sunnah, and in accordance with the understanding and practice of the righteous followers (the sahabah and their followers)

ICT Weekly Classes

Arabic Class (Basic and Intermediate) - 1:00 PM
Tafseer w/ Q&A - 2:00 PM
Quran Recitation - 3:00 PM

Kids Quran Class - 10:00 AM
Aqidah (Islamic Creed) - 1:00 PM