The ICT offers a variety of amazing and helpful services to the community of Tucson. 

Place of Worship for Muslims 

The ICT is open all day for the five daily prayers. Please consult the prayer schedule for Adhan and Iqama times.

Janaza and Burial Services 

Contact ICT Office for More Information. 
Muslim Cemetery is located at the "All Faiths Cemetery."
See the map for more information.

Friday Sermon (Begins 12:15 PM )

Due to a shortage of parking, please consider carpooling, parking at neighborhood meters ($1/hour), or parking at “Main Gate Garage" for $2. 

Additional Services Offered

Social services and assistance to people in need (Zakat)

Soup kitchen every night during the month of Ramadan 

Social activities, picnics, sporting events, and more held and coordinated by the ICT for the Tucson Muslim Community

Extensive library with plenty of material in many different languages. The Quran is available in a wide array of languages as well. 

Separately, many Members of our community run different groups in support of the larger Tucson and Southern Arizona Community such as: 
Muslims Care Too (MCT!) who help maintain a community Food Garden and coordinate school drives among other activities.
SOWA Sisters of Tucson are also involved in community service initiatives and coordinate with the ICT and various groups to help improve the surrounding community.

The ICT also offers so much more. Please be sure to call or contact the ICT office for more information or if you have any questions.